5 Simple Beliefs To Face Unexpected Events

You can do your best, enhancing yourself, being positive toward events. You can do a great job, evaluating pros and cons for any step you take, being careful and over prepared. You can have a great strategy and implement it in minute detail.

However, the unexpected can happen, messing your plans up and establishing a new reference frame you have to face differently.

How do you react then?

Some people usually react like that: “Panic – Concern – Resignation” and only sometimes they move on “Resilience – Challenge – New plans”.

As Jane Fonda said: “If the career you have chosen has some unexpected inconvenience, console yourself by reflecting that no career is without them”.

I would add my own perspective to this quote: after having consoled yourself, act! Because the most important issue is to be able to transform your troubles into new chances for yourself, stopping whining and reviewing your plans accordingly with the new challenge.

For those who are able to move to this mindset what really makes the difference is their capability to accept these 5 simple things:

1.           To control everything is impossible and insane as well, freestanding things always happen

2.           The only things you can manage are your own intentions, emotions, behaviors, actions

3.           Perfection is just an illusion, it actually exists only in your mind

4.           You cannot always achieve your goals in the exact moment you desire it

5.           No one else can “save” you, only you can do it

Once you have deeply accepted the assumptions above, you’ll stand up again after the “punch”, deciding for the most suitable new strategy and plan.

Unexpected events, surrenders and sacrifices are part of life and this notwithstanding, once you’ll reach your goal, they will contribute to make yourself feel like an hero!

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill.

Make your life easier starting from your own attitude then.

Enza Artino,
International Service Manager c/o Wyser; Coaching Competence Center Manager c/o Gi Group


Enza Artino,
International Service Manager c/o Wyser; Coaching Competence Center Manager c/o Gi Group