The Change Process Troubles

I’ve met a lot of “willing to change people” during my working experience as a Professional Coach, unfortunately some of them were simply lying to themselves. We could define this attitude a “change paradox“: people declare their frenetic will to change and, at the end, they struggle to keep their current behaviors.

Every time it happens, I’m surprised and fascinated about the unconscious… and conscious… mental mechanisms.

People so scared about “changing” that they run away as soon as they smell it. People motivated to change until it doesn’t require an effort, people so stubborn to not contemplate any other way to behave differently and people promising a change to someone else without believing it…

The list is quite long and multi-faced, but they share an inescapable truth: it’s impossible to change without a change… and changing requires motivation.

Your own motivation to change is the key to succeed. That’s why I usually support my clients to visualize their goal (the new status quo), to formalize it unequivocally and to remember it in the hardest moments.

Changing could be enjoyable and if you know what the “change process” looks like, you will enjoy it deeper, focusing much more on motivation, resilience and preparation.

I often used the picture below (source unknown) with my clients in order to figure out what the change path is like. I believe it is better than 100 words in order to explain the right expectations, troubles and steps.

Due to I’m sure everyone has though at least 1 good purpose to develop during the new year (Isn’t it? :-)), I would share this picture with you all too. I hope it could enhance your awareness about the change process.

Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes results” – Robin S. Sharma.

Don’t promise to yourself (or someone else) a change if you don’t want to engage yourself seriously.

Start with good intention and go ahead with grit. The new status quo is waiting for you!


Enza Artino,
International Service Manager c/o Wyser; Coaching Competence Center Manager c/o Gi Group