The 2019 LinkedIn Global Talent Report brings to light the ever-growing importance of soft skills – “where machines can’t compete”- stating that these skills are the most important assets for the success of a company. Creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and time management have always been important and they are increasingly vital today. If companies want a hiring strategy for the future, they need to change how they identify and hire for soft skills.

Due to the raise of automation and artificial intelligence, bad hires are almost never a matter of hard skills only. Talent professionals know this, which is why they prioritize soft skills alongside hard skills during the hiring process.

However, despite such awareness, the report pinpoints that 57% of the companies struggle to assess soft skills because of a lack of formal and structured process. Actually, 68% of talent professionals say the main way they assess soft skills is by picking up on social cues in interviews, but this is not enough.
As a matter of fact these perceptions are not predictive and worse, they are often unconsciously biased.

As Giancarlo Pozzoli, Wyser Global Practice Senior Director, states: “We live in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) and the speed of change in business runs at unprecedented pace.
The digital transformation and the rapid evolution of customer’s needs are inviting organizations to adapt accordingly their business models, organizational structures and processes.
In this so dynamic – and uncertain – scenario, the corporate culture is the key to success, as well as having “the right people” in teams. Right people are the ones that are soft skills talented and embrace the company’s purpose, vision and values. That’s why assessing soft skills is one of our step forward in the hiring process”.

At Wyser we always put People at the center because we know that our work strongly affects their lives and it is instrumental to the further success of Companies. This is the reason why, thanks to our Values and Experience, we are able to help and support our clients winning this challenge and enhancing their hiring strategy.

We designed consolidated Search and Selection solutions, able to drive our customers through the right process and help them finding and engaging the best people with the most accurate soft skills needed, enabling the right match between growing Companies and Talented Managers.

The wider understanding of the Companies’ needs, the industry they operate in and their corporate identity allow us to provide our Customers with a meaningful phase of Talents Attraction followed by an IN-powerment Program based on candidate assessment and further coaching:

Talent Acquisition programs:

Employer branding campaigns: we provide Customers with strategic campaigns that position the company brand and core messages properly. The aim is to attract and engage talented People who highly fit with the desired skills, culture and values.
Head Hunting and Candidate Market Mapping: Through a proprietary and structured methodology, we direct search active and passive candidates for every single role, skill-set and organization. Furthermore, thanks to our Candidate Market Mapping solution, we are able to provide our Customers with strategic data to support the organizational development too.

Talent In-powerment programs:

Assessment Centre (AC) and feedback: the AC service aims at evaluating the candidates’ potential, having clear vision of their soft skills in relation with the Customer’s needs. It significantly enhances the Client’s hiring strategy and decision-making process.
Coaching and follow-up: The objective is to support the Customer and the new Employee during the onboarding phase. Through our professional and certified coaching program, we carry the new hire toward an effective inclusion and integration, having an impact on the business goals achievement too.

Download the full Linkedin 2019 Global Talent Trends Report.

Wyser, a step forward in recruitment!