Give People 3 Things

“Give people you care 3 things: wings to fly, roots to remind where they are from and reasons to stay.” – Dalai Lama.

I used this quote to start my speech during the last International Business Meeting in Florence, where the Top Management of the Company I’m working for shared vision, targets and projects for 2018.

I’m quite sure Dalai Lama wasn’t thinking about business when he said those wise words. Anyway, I strongly believe that wings, roots and reasons to stay are exactly what an organization should provide its employees to achieve goals and mutual success, being proud and aware to be part of a bigger picture.

·        Wings to fly:

When companies leave employees free to fly, it’s much more easy for them exploring new aims, bringing to companies innovative ideas and different perspectives. Unfortunately, managers are often scared about it and this is the reason why they clip their wings, keeping them in a cage, saying to them what to do, how and when. It’s not rare they obtain only frustration and disaffection as a result… That’s often the price to pay for such “control”. At the contrary, I believe it’s a management’s responsibility providing employees with strong wings to fly over the clouds and encouragement to dare new “evolutions”. This allows employees to be self-confident and engaged in, enjoying their journey toward the right direction.

·        Roots to remind where they are from:

Sometimes companies confuse processes, rules and procedures as their roots… and they believe they are enough to remind their employees where they are from. Actually, it’s a big mistake. A captivating corporate culture founds itself on different basis: a clear vision, an inspiring mission, meaningful values and consistent behaviors. These are the most powerful roots, what makes a corporate identity appealing and sharable. Roots are not chains, they represent a sort of infrastructure, the foundations upon which a feeling of belonging can be built. Keep your roots healthy and you’ll get a blooming harvest.

·        Reasons to stay:

Consistency between what a company say and what it concretely does is one of the most important reasons to stay there. Recognizing value and effort, avoiding overselling and false expectations, being part of. In one word: trust. Employees decide to stay in a company if they trust it and if they feel trusted. They decide to stay if they breath mutual loyalty and respect. That’s the key: give them honesty, transparency and consistency. They’ll give you commitment, effort and the famous extra mile. Mock them and they’ll give you their worst… before leaving.

And your company is able to provide you with wings, roots ad reasons to stay?

As a manager, how are you contributing? On my side I’m doing my best to honor these words 🙂

Enza Artino,
International Service Manager c/o Wyser; Coaching Competence Center Manager c/o Gi Group


Enza Artino,
International Service Manager c/o Wyser; Coaching Competence Center Manager c/o Gi Group