In the current scenario, business models keep changing at an extraordinary pace and the key of success for a corporate culture is to have the right people in the right job positions.
It is always more and more required that employees embrace company’s purpose, sharing vision and values through their expertise.

At Wyser we always put People at the center because we know that our work strongly affects their lives and it is instrumental to the further success of Companies. This is the reason why, thanks to our Values and Experience, we are able to help and support our clients winning this challenge and enhancing their hiring strategy.

This is where Wyser Assessment Center stands out.

A proprietary methodology based on a competence model designed to cover four main evaluation areas, combining a range of effective and objective assessment tools together with robust processes, to best drive and support organizations with their strategic talent development decisions.

Our method to evaluate candidate’s potential is based on a tailored-made model that offers a clear vision of the skills needed by the company with the ones possessed by the candidates.

Working with our Assessment Center, our clients are able to:

  • Determine a candidate’s attitudinal and behavioural characteristics
  • Identify the best talent – inside the company as well as externally – with the aim of choosing the most suitable candidate for the role
  • Facilitate the Client’s decision-making process
  • Identify any potential skills gaps
  • Provide candidates with meaningful feedback on their strengths and development areas to support them with their own career development and therefore increase overall profitability.

Wyser’s assessment center is managed by a team of experienced and certified consultants who support companies to identify the most suitable external candidates and internal staff to deliver their business strategies.


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