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The Los Angeles Lakers missing the 2019 playoff contention: is there a lesson for corporate business?

THE REASONS OF A FAILURE Last summer the Los Angeles Lakers signed the superstar LeBron James a four-year, $153.3 million contract. The basic assumption was that the team would be participating to playoffs in 2019. But it didn’t happen. Why? The easiest thing would be to point out the amount of injuries the Lakers suffered […]

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Time Management Strategy: 4 Steps To Be More Productive At Work

People who efficiently manage their time are generally “happier” than the unstructured ones. They quickly decide for what is most important first, clearly knowing the main priorities and urgencies. The more effective ones are those who also have a wide systemic view that allows them to schedule short, medium and long-term plans. Their high time […]

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It is not strange… To mistake change for progress

Somewhere, a few days ago, I read the meaningful sentence “it is not strange… to mistake change for progress” and I was impressed by its shrewdness. It easily sums up what could happen to those unsatisfied professionals who decide for the quickest solutions, overlooking the whole picture. They risk that mistake because of their spasmodic […]

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