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Is the myth of Antigone applicable to business?

Antigone is a tragedy by Sofocle written before 441 BC. Recently I had the occasion to ask myself: could this myth be applied to the 3rd century, at business level? Let’s see together if and how.The plot in a nutshell Antigone is the Oedipus (Thebes king) daughter and sister of Ismene (female) and Polynices and […]

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How To Evolve Your Hiring Strategy

The 2019 LinkedIn Global Talent Report brings to light the ever-growing importance of soft skills – “where machines can’t compete”- stating that these skills are the most important assets for the success of a company. Creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and time management have always been important and they are increasingly vital today. If companies want […]

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The Los Angeles Lakers missing the 2019 playoff contention: is there a lesson for corporate business?

THE REASONS OF A FAILURE Last summer the Los Angeles Lakers signed the superstar LeBron James a four-year, $153.3 million contract. The basic assumption was that the team would be participating to playoffs in 2019. But it didn’t happen. Why? The easiest thing would be to point out the amount of injuries the Lakers suffered […]

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