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The website (hereafter called the “Site”) uses cookies. Cookies are strings of text created by a server and stored on the hard disc of the computer or on any device employed by the user to access Internet (smartphone, tablet, etc.) which are then retransmitted upon subsequent accesses to Internet of the user.

The cookies allow information to be gathered about the navigation conducted by the user on the Site, for example to record the language preferences or the currency chosen by the user for a purchase, and to offer them on the subsequent visit to make the Site easier to use.

The cookies can be stored permanently on the computer of the user and can have a variable duration (so-called persistent cookies), but can also vanish upon closing the browser or have a limited duration (so-called session cookies).

The cookies can be installed from the Site being visited (so-called 1st-party cookies) or can be installed from other web sites (so-called 3rd-party cookies).

The Site uses 1st-party cookies, 3rd-party cookies and other similar technologies, as described in more detail below.

Type of cookies

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The right to object to or refuse cookies

Typically, cookies are classified as «temporary» or «permanent».
The «temporary» cookies do not stay on the computer after leaving the Site or after closing the browser.

The Site uses «temporary» cookies. The aggregate information collected enables the traffic models of the Site to be analysed. In this way it is possible to improve the Site by modifying it or by personalising its contents and thereby making it easier to use.

The Site also uses «permanent» cookies that, by virtue of their nature, remain however on the computers of the visitors to be retransmitted to the Site upon the next visit of the users themselves. These cookies enable the Site to be navigated and its functions to be personalised, keeping a record of the services requested and the pages visited on previous sessions.

You can change your choices regarding the cookies used by the Site by clicking on the “shield” button that appears on the screen.

The procedures offered by the main browsers to object to cookies being recorded on the user’s hard disc, by configuring the navigation browser in such a way as to disable the cookies, are shown below:

After this operation, however, some functions of the web pages might not be performed correctly.

For information on the use of cookies by FacebookYou TubeTwitter and LinkedIn, please consult  FacebookGoogleTwitter and LinkedIn sites.

Contact info

The data collected by using cookies is processed by Wyser S.r.l., based at Milano, Piazza IV Novembre 5, e-mail address:

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be contacted at Piazza IV Novembre 5, 20124 Milan for the attention of the “Data Protection Officer”, e-mail address: